The following originally appeared on Guid Scotch Drink on June 4, 2012:

Octomore 4.1 was the first 167ppm release from Bruichladdich.  Octomore 4.2 sees the same 167ppm spirit finished in Premier Cru sauterne casks. Bottled as a five year old at 61% Alc., there were 18,000 bottles available (although I'm seeing "sold out" in a lot of the usual places). Expect to pay £100 or $200.

C: Reflective straw

N: Is there such a thing as smoked custard? How about Custard Creams toasted by a camp fire? Langoustines in lemon butter, white pepper, sugar cookies, cold buttered wholewheat toast, brine soaked heather then silly putty creeping in around the edges

P: Incredibly viscous, luscious mouthfeel, literally one second of Fry's Turkish Delight on the tip of the tongue then abundant salted butter with white peaches, apricots, and green grapes, Oddfellows on the back of the palate

F: Long and sweet with a tickle of smoke, some white chocolate waxiness, and simple sugar syrup - takes a long time to dry out

In conclusion: A delightful whisky and so much fun. I love whiskies that lead to flavor conjunctions (eg. "smoked custard" and "brine soaked heather"). Do yourself a favor and find a way to get a taste of this.

I highly recommend reading Jewmalt's review (the Marc Bolan reference alone is worth the price of admission).