Evil Twin Mission Gose

Ah, what the hell, here comes another gose...

Founded in 2010 by Dane, Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø, Evil Twin Brewing is what I've heard referred to as a "gypsy brewer" (and a damned good one at that!). Which is to say, Evil Twin has no bricks and mortar brewery to call home but instead brews their recipes at other facilities (currently brewing at 10 different breweries across 6 different countries). Their release schedule is prodigious and there's always something interesting coming out from the brewer. They are well worth tracking.

Gose (pronounced "goes-uh") is a thousand year old German beer style brewed using slightly salty water with a top fermentation (using Saccharomyces cerevisiae). The mash bill contains more wheat than malted barley and the brew is spiced with coriander and hops. After falling out of favor in the last hundred years the style has been resurgent since the turn of the century. You can really geek out on details about the style here.

Evil Twin Mission Gose (brewed with eucalyptus), 4.0% alc., 22 oz. bottle

C: Cloudy orange with a crisp, effervescent white head that laces the edges nicely

N: Sour and salty with coriander spice, herbal notes, and muddy citrus

P: Tart and crisp with wheat grass, a bit more coriander and just the slightest hint of ginger in the background

F: Moderate length with lingering salt and hints of chocolate coated orange peels

In conclusion: Really terrific! I previously tasted this with my good friend and business partner Joshua Hatton (aka Jewmalt) at Holy Grale in Louisville, KY (highly recommend that joint) and it was just as awesome there.