Jura Elixir 12 Year Old

After yesterday's selection, it's hard not to experience a bit of a let down. The fact that the letdown comes with Jura (not a favorite) makes it even worse. However, it's time to put on my big boy pants and give this a fair shake. Crossing fingers...

Behind window #20: Jura Elixir 12 Year Old, 40% alc., £38/$57

C: Reflective copper

N: There's a jammy sweetness (damson jam) with young wood (cedar and pine), beeswax, and resin, toffee notes around the edges

P: Again with the woody notes, walnuts in toffee, warming spice (cinnamon), and vanilla extract

F: Moderate length with lingering wood notes, some citrus and some nuttiness

In conclusion: If you're a Jura fan you have to be over the moon with this. For a non-Jura fan it's not too bad. I don't see me ever needing to reach for a bottle of it but out for a drink with friends or at a party I would happily sip on this while enjoying some lively conversation.

Sincere thanks to Master of Malt's Drinks by the Dram for the sample.

Jura Superstition

This no age statement release from the Jura distillery (situated on the wee island to the north of Islay) supposedly contains whiskies in the 13-21 year old range with 13% of the vatting being peated malt. Those are higher ages than your typical non-age statement (NAS) release and given the price I find it highly doubtful that the components are that old.

Behind window #14: Jura Superstition, 43% alc., £27/$41

C: Amber

N: Three distinct layers: very briny on top -- burnt green sticks, window putty, wet cardboard, and (here comes a weird one) diaper cream (and not in a bad way!) in the middle -- very subtle notes of strawberries, butterscotch, toasted almonds and mallow 

P: Wet straw, more wet cardboard, wholewheat toast, a little woody, a little nutty

F: Short and a little briny with the slightest suggestion of warm toffee

In conclusion: Just not for me, I'm afraid. There are Jura lovers in this world but I'm not among them.

Sincere thanks to Master of Malt's Drinks by the Dram for the sample.