Jura Elixir 12 Year Old

After yesterday's selection, it's hard not to experience a bit of a let down. The fact that the letdown comes with Jura (not a favorite) makes it even worse. However, it's time to put on my big boy pants and give this a fair shake. Crossing fingers...

Behind window #20: Jura Elixir 12 Year Old, 40% alc., £38/$57

C: Reflective copper

N: There's a jammy sweetness (damson jam) with young wood (cedar and pine), beeswax, and resin, toffee notes around the edges

P: Again with the woody notes, walnuts in toffee, warming spice (cinnamon), and vanilla extract

F: Moderate length with lingering wood notes, some citrus and some nuttiness

In conclusion: If you're a Jura fan you have to be over the moon with this. For a non-Jura fan it's not too bad. I don't see me ever needing to reach for a bottle of it but out for a drink with friends or at a party I would happily sip on this while enjoying some lively conversation.

Sincere thanks to Master of Malt's Drinks by the Dram for the sample.