Glen Grant, The Major's Reserve

While reviewing Yoichi this morning I compared it favorably to Glen Grant, The Major's Reserve. That got me thinking that I hadn't enjoyed that particular tipple in a while. So, as any self-respecting whisky lover would do, I pulled my bottle off my shelf and poured a wee dram (just to get reacquainted, you understand!).

Distilled in Rothes, in Speyside, the Glen Grant line-up isn't particularly well known in the US. Part of the Campari stable, their 5 Year Old is the number one single malt in Italy. The Major's Reserve, a non-age statement release with a screw cap, is a very affordable daily drinker matured exclusively in bourbon barrels.

Glen Grant, The Major's Reserve, 40% alc., $20/$30-$35

C: Pale gold

N: Light and effervescent with US Smarties (that candied, powdered sugar note), cereal, peach pits and pear skin

P: Vanilla custard, apricots, and a subtle wood influence with a distinct feintiness as it transitions into the finish

F: Short with delicate fruit and wood notes, maybe even a little nutty towards the end

In conclusion: A great single malt for the price and a very enjoyable and easy drinker. There's no reason not to have a bottle of this on your own whisky shelf.