Oskar Blues Death By Coconut Irish Porter

Known for their Old Chub (often found on nitro!) and their Dale's Pale Ale, Colorado's Oskar Blues brewery has grown quickly since 2002 to now include breweries in North Carolina and Texas. Pioneers of craft beer in cans (they're "infinitely recyclable and portable") Oskar Blues now push Crowlers (32 oz. single use cans filled and sealed in front of the customer) as a way to take beer home from your favorite tap room. Death By Coconut sounds like something I won't enjoy...but I trust Midtowne's Lauren.

Behind door #11: Oskar Blues Death By Coconut Irish Porter, 6.5% alc., 12 oz. can

C: Black with a foamy caramel colored head (that quickly dissipates to leave a little head trim around the edge of the inside of the glass)

N: Leads with the coconut (does it ever!) then chocolate notes come in behind -- sadly lacks any discernible malt note

P: Coconut, chocolate, and almonds (like drinking an Almond Joy bar)

F: Sweet with ongoing coconut flavors, starts to dry out towards the back of the palate

In conclusion: If drinking Almond Joys is your thing you're on to a winner here. Personally, I would have liked more malt influence to give it more of a porter presence that could play off the coconut and chocolate sweetness but it remains eminently drinkable, if a little on the sweet side.