Smartmouth Alter Ego Farmhouse Saison Ale

Established in Norfolk, VA, in 2012 by former business attorney Porter Hardy IV (great name for a brewer!), Smashmouth Brewing Company's 20 barrel brewhouse has quickly garnered a solid reputation with tasty brews and eye catching packaging.

Smartmouth Alter Ego Farmhouse Saison Ale, 6.2% alc., 12 oz. can

C: Golden with a crisp white head that quickly moves to the edges of the glass

N: Wheat forward with spice behind 

P: Crisp and refreshing with more wheat, more spice, and hints of ground pepper

F: Pleasantly drying with lingering pepper

In conclusion: Truth be told, I'd already polished off the first five cans of my six pack (not all today!) before working on this review so I knew what to expect from this darned tasty farmhouse saison ale. Living in VA and purchasing this six pack locally for $10 isn't the worst thing in the world. Looking forward to posting more Smarthmouth reviews on the site.